A cup of midnight coffee.

It's over 12, one thing good about Mcd's coffee though, is their unlimited refills, strange enough, coffee wouldn't cause insomnia for me. Had one in the fast food restaurant, refilled and brought one back home.

I like writing blog entries at night, especially when the hour hand went pass 12. But inspirations don't come often, there are times when words wouldn't seem to come, and at times, it is the subject that matters, it's only a cup of coffee huh? I was relaxed at first when I hit McD and that cup of midnight coffee would be my entry for the day, however it's only a cup of coffee, words came were only "This is a cup of coffee from Mcd, and still this is a cup of coffee from Mcd, for it was a cup of coffee from Mcd, so it's nothing else but a cup of coffee from Mcd."

The house isn't quiet, the speaker is playing on Red Hot Chili Peppers again. This time I have the whole album of By The Way downloaded, Dosed, The Zephyr Song, Can't Stop, are of those of my favs, especially at night. I like to play them on the phone at times, it brings about a very 70s radio feel. And my housie are out there watching Barca vs STU, Barca hits 1 - 0 and he's losing half of the stake, situation, intense.

I need to sleep, and I have classes at 10, about 5 hours later, truancy for me is getting more and more expensive. And I think I wrote a good entry about Mcd's coffee though.
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