Its simple but it really make sense.

Today you have an enemy, you plot a murder, killed that guy.
Tomorrow you make another enemy, you plot a massacre, his whole family.
The day after tomorrow the friends of that two sucker plot a vengeance, lets say you're really that capable, you killed the friends also.
Sooner or later the world hates you. if youre capable, go take them all.

"Applaud me when youre online, someone just keep smiting me like mad in the forum."

Bro, i tried, i really tried, but i got 1 account only, 1 hand. i can only applaud u once at a time only. im not capable of overwhelming the hatecrews.

when you think youre actually that great to take down your haters, which is impossible, why not do it the other way? Go learn how Taichi works.

When one person say youre wrong, you might not be wrong.
When two person say youre wrong, they might be retarded.
When the whole world is against you, they have a point.
And you have a problem.
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