Whopper, a few things into one.

Of my whole flash card full of Guns N' Roses, Iron Maiden, Velvet Revolver and Buckethead.
Okay this is up just in hope of stopping Mary from merajuk *giggles* "Remember to put up my name when you mention about the songs you downloaded recently!" "I check your blog everyday one lor, no updates about me one =( " okay here it is, thanks for all you peoples who have helped me in my downloadings recently, Mary and Jwen *grins*, you both are great!

Of my enthusiasm towards Rock & Roll.
Many have asked about my passion towards the Californian 80's. How does it feel? Well each time the riff started playing on the player you feel out of context, divorced from your usual point of view, perspective skewed, it's like hearing yourself on an answering machine that speaks well on behalf of your playful character, and when the guitar solo sets in, orgasm.

Of A guy I met recently.
I'm always grateful that my work enables me to meet with all kinds of people, from all walks of life. This is a guy I met on the street, he's a migrate from Indonesia, together with his wife he came to Malaysia in search of better opportunities. They're not high grads, they don't have a cert, they will have nothing to polish a shine on the resume if they ever gonna write one, the guy works in a lamp shop and the wifey at a restaurant. He told me he's working very hard over here to save up money so he could start his own business when he goes back to Surabaya. He wants an extraordinary life.
Why people whose situation seems to be much worse strive for excellence and while we, living a better life, thinks mediocrity?

Comedies fail to deliver? A new drama for you: Malaysia Politics.
Lim Kit Siang: Let's send the Altantuya murderers to HELL!
Khairy: Aku nak tanya sama ada yang di berhormat setuju bahawa penentuan siapa masuk ke syurga atau neraka adalah ditentu oleh Tuhan?
Lim Kit Siang: Yang berhormat daripada Rembau, dia graduate daripada Oxford, dia tentu tau itu expression! itu pun tak faham? Mahu menjadi satu religious fundamentalist?!

Khairy: Project Khinzir Raksaksa, atau singkatannya, PKR..
PKR-Kulim Bndr Bharu: I minta yang berhormat supaya perkataan itu ditarik balik!
Khairy: PKR?
PAS-Pokok Sena: PBN project Babi Negara!
Khairy: Siapa babi negara?! Siapa Babi Negara?!

Speaker Of Parliament: Satu setengah jam sudah, sila sambung hari lain..
Lim Kit Siang: Satu setengah jam, 80 percent sudah dikacau orang! (continues his speech)

So the interesting drama series has no particular broadcasting channel, just type in "Malaysia Parliament" and there goes You Tube.

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