What would you do with RM108 millions?


"Benefits Supervisor Sleeping" the name of the masterpiece by British painter Lucian Freud. The art piece, depicting a nude, obese lady lying on the sofa, was sold during an auction to Roman Abramovich, the Russian billionaire tycoon, or more commonly known as the owner of the Chelsea Football Club, at the price of USD 33.6 millions(approximately RM108 millions), set the record of the world's most expensive art piece ever sold by a living artist.

Rm108 millions, that's more than 20 Ferrari Enzo, over 70 Ferrari Modena 360, 15'000 Gibson Les Paul electric guitar, 2'000'000 books(assuming that they costs RM50 each), and 10'000'000 Big Macs, and a freaking 312,339,295,898 Indonesian rupiahs.

The one thing which really gagged me off was, the lady in the picture got paid a mere USD40 per day of posting for the painter.
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