A vicissitude of fate.

I'm moving, I need to, and I still haven't found a room. No more messy room, no more our stinky worn clothes scattering everywhere, no more 5 minutes smoke time at the balcony, no more talking cock, no more jumbling up the house, no more purposely being countdown leavers in a dota game. We each came from a totally different background and we often have different opinions to various subjects, we have our own doctrines, our own constitutions, and I'm always the one who give in, I know what type of personalities you carry. However you still have been a pretty gorgeous roomie. "Woi ah Sam I want to stop smoking already! *and there he lits a cig, give one to me, lit mine too*" Thats you, and I'm actually typing this beside you when you're playing fifa. Ha ha, need to alt tab frequently and I need to type pretty fast, mind any grammatical or typo error.

I'm starting a chronology on the coming updates, trying to reminisce my every bit of life in the past, it'll be up pretty soon and it'll be on a new individual label, and Ill put it up chapter by chapter through each update.
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