Love, is a verb.

I've always been a quiet listener to a friend of mine, who, being emotional during most of the time, spilling out stories about her shattered relationship with the boyfriend, they seem to go on and off a lot of times and yet things never changed, with the girl arguing about the boy's rather willingness to play online games than going out for a show, and the boy's complains about her being a selfish control freak. Both of them engage frequently in never ending quarrels, with either one pulling the plug by saying "okay that's enough.", hence, forget but not forgive. Problems lie domant for awhile, and follow by a deeper misunderstanding later on. The cycle goes on never ending.

Trust me I never bring up the topic for a gender debate, I hope you all will get my drift of what I'm trying to interpret here. It's moments out of time of what I've experience myself that encapsulated a lifetime's worth of hard won wisdom, and I'm still learning.

I've personally went through similar situations like this, I guess we all do, each time we quarrel we build up our own defensive walls, purpose to side on ourselves, and at best effort trying to win over, we could stand with victory over the fight, but however something which we did not realize is the shattering of the relationship. Demands of "Why can't you spend more time with me?" "Why can't you just be more affectionate?", they are often the demands in a relationship, but affection and intimacy are products of love, of mutual understanding.

Hollywood have their own definition for love, and we are all affected and our paradigm towards the subject would be something like, love is act of reciprocation, we love because we want to be loved. Love is a feeling, I feel good being with you, and I love you, to them love is a noun..

But however after my experience over some strange moments of clarity I've come to conclude that, love is a verb instead of a noun, we don't love because we wanted to be loved, instead we love because we love. It's just out of our control whether or not it will be reciprocated, and what would be my best advice to you if one day you come telling me you're having problems over relationships again and you need solution? Well I'd say, Love him.
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