I fell to my dream with a book in hand.

A rather gloomy evening that I was up on a hill village with a friend, I cannot remember of who he is, atmosphere something similar to The Shire in LOTR. Illuminating street lights, bars serving unlimited beers with wooden barrels. Jukebox playing soft ballads, I remember Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. We were not at the peak of the mountain, it was said the best food's up there. We went down, set a time to comeback later for the food, and never did. I flashed my eye onto the signboard, Cameron Highlands.

Scene flashed to an ex neighbour's house, as big a mansion, huge chandeliers like the ones in Genting casino. The lastime I saw her she was not that rich, some 10 years back. Now that she said she operates the biggest perfume chain stores in the region. I tried wearing on some of the fragrances, and felt a deja vu of aroma which I never scented before, yet they feel known, citrus like.

I woke up with a pain on the neck, but at very least I stayed in a utopia for two hours, WTF.
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