Life was in a state of topsy-turvy the day I first plucked out "Don't Cry" which feels a little bit like the original, it was bluesy and the feeling was being soothed out by the tiny 6 piece of guitar strings.

Nothing surpasses hearing music at late night, in a hollow and hushed atmosphere, where the time you hear clearly of every note played on the record, and tend to feel the want of indulging in the moment forever, it's the time where you feel no one actually understands you better but yourself. I prefer to lit a cigarette, pour some whisky, and sometimes the same track, usually a power ballad, goes on repeating a lot of times. It's the spirit which lies within the raw adolescence of the band sound that just suited my inner development.

At times when I'm feeling all these I tend to question myself, "peoples tend to say I'm factual, am I?"
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