Hope you're alright.

It happened in a random afternoon when I got out of the train and was waiting for the shuttle bus at the bus stand, sat down beside a guy, took out my book and read, while stuffing my ear with some kinda emo triggering guitar piece.

The guy, he has that kind of emotion hanging on his face, depressed, tension, fear, low self esteem, insecurity, whatever you might call that. Besides him were all his luggage and one piece of them I recognized I supposed was his pair of sandals inside the plastic bag, the young looking guy seemed homeless. There he was holding a note book of a palm's size, G2 ink pen writing with full of emotions. The seats were made of two long metal railings, half of the space occupied by him and his luggage.

Suddenly he turned to me and said "Why are you disturbing me?" "Are you looking for a fight?" At first I was just not sure of his mumblings as I have my headset on, and he repeated the sentences in a louder tone, his body stiffing. "I'm waiting for a bus also don't you see?". In a harsh tone he said "You fucker peoples, leave me alone! Don't come near me, I'm dying and why can't you all leave me alone?!" and there he swung the notebook towards me and it hit really hard on my face, I wiped blood from my lips, again he said "Fuck off you peoples!" . I'm sure the guy I could beat him hands down if a fight was on, somehow something inside him kept me from doing that, he has mental problems, he needed help, I walked away in a silent.

I stood outside of the porch, still paying attention on his actions, his body still stiffed, hands shaking, continued writing on what I supposed was his suicide note. What came to mind that time was just something like "The guy right there needed help" despites of the pain on my bleeding lips. I went back to him. "Are you gonna disturb me again?" "No I'm here to ask if there's anything I can help you with? Are you okay?" And slowly I sitted beside him and started listening to whatever he has to spill. I cannot remember clearly of what he says, but he said something like he worked for politicians and he's over pressured and he has brain damage and kidney failures, and his brother once called the police and forced him into mental hospital. We went into the same bus, he stopped writing and he's more relaxed and he started to say things in a slower pace.

Before he get down the bus he said he's gonna look for some simple job and tries to live without worries, my last words to him were "I hope you're okay now, and feels better, God bless you."

By the way, through his way of talking, I found out later that the guy has mental illness, I'm in a sense of relief and feel happy that I did not take aggresion.

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