What If King Kong Was Set In Malaysia Instead Of New York?

1. Will be very confused - can’t decide whether to climb KL Tower, Petronas Twin Tower or The Menara Telekom.
2. Will be very frustrated by the number of people who think he’s an employee of Phua Chu Kang.
3. Will have to pinyinize name to “Qing Gang”.
4. Required to have breakfast with tourists every morning.
5. Who needs Ann Darrow? Many Malaysian girls are already especially friendly to big, hairy foreigners.
6. Won’t get too homesick. If pining for a land full of dangerous creatures, visit JB can oreddy.
7. Will become very rich; lots of monkey business going on in the region.
8. Will present challenge to all those 10 minute hairdressers.
9. Because of size, will be drafted into obese platoon.
10. Can do groceries at Giant Supermarket.
12. Will constantly be queried by Ah Bengs, “Why? You see me no up, is it?”(Are you looking down on me?)

Modified from Talking Cock.
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