Japan, to millions of peoples around the world, their impression says that Japan is Asia's leading economy, one of the world's leading industrialized countries, one of the most populous, one of the most densely populated countries in the world with a strong work ethic, mastery of high technology and emphasis on education. Me too hope one day Malaysia will be as advanced as Japan. But I found a blog, blog of a journalist in Japan, that speaks of the actual truth of Japanese culture, that says Japan that you know through TV is only completely arranged, admitted, scheduled, pretended, surface, expensive clean Japan. So here's the excerpt, by the journalist(mind the english).

" Now day, just taking photo become clime in Japan. Some woman angrily call police because I take photo without her permisiion, some hot-blooded guy kick my ass when I try to take a photo. Sometime homeless grab my camera. And said, don’t take a photo. Japanese police who try to arrest me say that I am not mass media, so I have no right to take any photos without permisiion. But I insist that my picture have journalistic meaning even if I am not belong to major mas media company. Because I always just take a photo of natural reality. But when I am caught by police, I never bravely persuade police. I just cowardly run away as soon as possible. Because my goal is not to change the world, but to prevent to be changed the image of real Japan differently from lying mas media. Politician and mas media and many thing is always say same thing repeatedly. Because they have very strict code. You know Japanese mas media cannot say anything except they are mas media. Do you know why ? because they always scare kicking off from mas media. Mas media give them high salary. To keep getting it, mas media people cowardly saying same thing on TV, news paper, magazine etc. fuck mas media. Bull shit ! FUCK YOU ! I daringly say my own opinion. So sometime, it seem stupid, childish, explicit, dirty and wrong. But I think it is really journalistic more than sophisticated mas media. and I think it is not so boring than CNN. I want to introduce real Japanese culture for not japanese. and make them to understand that Japanese people also love war, there are many homeless, there are few funny, ridicurous Japanese, and many fucking Japanese etc. Don't believe Mas media, CNN, TIME, TV, newspaper and Yahoo. they are probably liar. but beliave me. belive my site. my picture.

So here's the place, pay a visit and get to know of all interesting cultural stuffs in Japan, those are knowledges, and mind of all the foul languages and broken english used on the site and all the aggresive pictures and explicit contents. BTW not for those under 18.
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