An old film.

This might be familiar to those kids who has grown up accompanied by Hong Kong movies, unlike nowdays, Hong Kong movies once dominated our country's film industry. I've grown up watching a lot of Hong Kong movies, I still remember during those days in primary, everyone was talking about gangs and fights, we love to imitate their actions and speakings among ourselves, chanting "Chan Ho Nam" and "Hung Hing" in the class and still felt great, and yet as memories flash back those ugly scenes still never lose it's sense of humor and they always served as laughingstock during yumcha sessions. And sonow this is the second time I finished watching the whole series again, it's just quite enjoyable to watch these young men, in a sense, growing up, the emphasis here is really not on the Triad antics , though they of course figure heavily into the story, but rather the relationships. You could think of it of a Hong Kong version of The Sopranos; it may be the violence and tough talk that draws you in, but it's the interaction between the characters that keeps you watching each new "episode". And in case if you're having questions of such like the world is unfair or you're blaming of your life, seeking fortune-tellers everywhere and still got no clue, And you're even too lazy to read Romance Of The Three Kingdoms, watch this, it's almost similar and they both speaks of same philosophies. Selfishness ends you up fast, pride ends you up even faster.
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