US crime show helps Malaysia criminals.

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - The hit US crime drama "CSI" is helping criminals in Malaysia escape justice by showing them how to cover up their tracks, a senior police officer says.

Deputy inspector-general Musa Hassan said "Crime Scene Investigation", which specialises in high-tech forensics and gory close-ups, made criminals more efficient by giving them an insight into investigation techniques.

"CSI and a few other series teach how to remove traces of crime," he was quoted as saying by the state Bernama news agency.

Police were now faced with the challenge of how to remain "a step ahead of criminals," he said. The show is screened here on cable and free-to-air television.

Review : What the heck? was the show supposed to show how cekap America's police force is, how come it suddenly became the show glorifying criminals of America?

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