V2 cafe II.

im into reading autobiographies, those in my past list were, slash, tommy lee, eric clapton, anthony kiedis, led zeppelin, and the latest being nikki sixx. i flipped through the last pages of the heroin diaries in the train during the afternoon.

they tend to ask why would i read such books, yeah, such... to me theyre the best ever self helps. their tales are almost the same, torrid tales, lurid lifestyle, outrageous antics, sordid beahaviours, and of course, the alcohols and drugs use, and more often than not, the tragic deaths, of course those who survived death itself lived on to tell a story of triumph and glory, yes, its such books, that tells you life is a journey, not a destination, its particularly a long ride to nowhere, and we don't always get what we want, we get what we're supposed to have instead.

a book of sometimes over four hundred pages of gibberish craps, endless routines about touring, shooting up, getting drunk and passing out, thats very rock n' roll, yeah, but whats more important were that few last pages, which tells you afterall youre the one responsible for pulling things over and give it a one more try.

yes, such books, only such books, that tells you the true tales about life, that tells you life itself is a journey to nowhere, that tells you it takes more than a few bumps and downfalls for us to improve and be just a lil better.

and im back into economic shits, now on tim harford's the logic of life.
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