The opening of Beijing Olympics.

"The story here presented will be told by more than one pen, as the story of an offense against the law is told by more than one witness." -Wilkie Collins 1860 "The Woman In White"

when i was 5, i did not know then what was right and what was wrong, and i lived under the family constitution, everything that i did was in consent of my parents.

when i was 10, i broke free of that and wrote my own rules, still without knowing what was right and what was wrong, but i had fun.

when i was 15, being wild and naive, started to sort out between black n white, mom said i was turning mellow.

when i was 18, i was told that each and everyone has different perception towards certain criteria, and there's a grey are between black n white, which many still dont understand. when they watch a movie, they think that the bad guy is always bad and deserve to rot in hell.

and now i think that, the world is like a huge puzzle, and we're only to see a few tiny pieces of them, of course they are the truths, but an incomplete one, why would people judge and tell me of my doings? they might be holding a more beautiful piece among the thousand but all is required to assemble the whole picture.

i walked passed the steamboat shop and thought of having a dinner there and watch olympics channeled by that big flat projector, but im alone, it'll look just f*cking weird to take up the whole table by myself, they will either laugh or pity me, f*ck!
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