V2 cafe.

ok finally got the gears down at the new place, and it took me a vast amount of effort, bought an extra bus ticket just to have them sit beside me, and some pig brought durian up the bus, wtf. and i really dont know why fucking marshall(marshall?) have to make a twenty five watts amp so fkin heavy, and the worst thing to have happened when i reached kl was, the fkin lrt broke down and i was late for an interview.

12:00pm: reached hr and waited for he interviewer to show up which i dont know who, not long then after a man came, he talked and acted as if he's the ceo of maxis, the interview was being done with his leg up the table, but too bad your lil antics are not enough to scare off this big kid ol here.

1:30am: im not grossed, but this fckin retard is watching porn beside me in the cafe, and you know when u fkin do that youll attract attention and people will look at you from the back, and when they look to the right they will see im typing this and cursing you to hell.

lets have a lil bit of guitar talk, only if you understand them, if not ull be all confused...

ok i would say the most beautiful axes mankind has ever come across are the gibson les paul and the fender strat, rose wood fretboard on the lp is just nice and for a strat i prefer it to be a maple neck. for one with locking tremolo arm, ill give the vote to the bc rich mockingbird, or the warlock, i dislike ibanez, and i hate them, and kids nowdays love them so much and when they pull the whammy bar it sounds like shit, never to forget on the lower end models they use only licensed floyd rose.

note: sam just showed me to most close to original ever les paul copy, made by esp japan.
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