Crazy train.

I was not stoked enough when i lay those punches, i swear if i was, they all would be lethal enough and i could have end up knocking that fella out cold. i did it all i can to persevere all the provocations, until that bastard said something like, "i kicked you, fight back if you dare", and so i whacked the shit out of that fella, he was still considered lucky to not have bumped into me a few years back, if he did he would end up getting hospitalized. in fact after all hes just a yellow haired punk who thinks hes cool, and i treated him as a friend. and it ended up in a brotherly hug and a handshake, a smoke after that. i feel ive changed, the older i grow, the more i bother about my mortality, its true, mick mars said this. i was no longer that stoked lil kid who throw full force punches. as i fought yesterday night, i thought about how i should not hit it too hard, so that id not end up being in jail if hes dead, or how i should hit it not too soft so that id still win the fight, all those factors doesnt even hit my mind if it was just only a few years back, crap?

i feel im being carried away by a crazy train, i was too playful, so when the train arrived at the station, and started taking off again, i jumped and grab hold of the rail handle and got carried away, it started moving real fast that im starting to worry about maybe itll carry me to the end of the world, and itll be a real excruciating if i jump off it right at the moment.
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