Whats on.

okay, i have a couple minutes short.

again the casino in a way let me know that they're unbeatable because of the math.

the wall socket both in and outside of my room caught a spark one of the nights and woke me up, terrified. a couple of extension cords burned, together with the phone charger. so i can no longer play guitar in my room, i shifted the amp and axe out to the living room and now the whole place look a f*cking studio with the dim yellow lighting, as said by someone "it looks like a place where junkies do music". ironically the living room is the place where my mom used to watch dvds. now its conquered by CDs, books, cigarettes. it looks a mess, actually ill say it looks raw instead, i dont like things in nice orders.

usually ill play led zeppelin all day through night, and im falling with a couple of their songs. the current one being "Achilles Last Stand".

i charged through a book in one day, being Tommy Lee - Tommyland, he's rather known as the ex husband of Pamela Anderson than being the drummer in Motley Crue. and im currently reading Stephen Davis - Hammer Of the Gods, The Led Zeppelin Saga.
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