theres one thing about vanity, when you're all consumed by it youre a fop, but you have every reason to live and fight for, and when theyre gone you feel true to yourself, but you lose your enthusiasm and you become lackadaisical.

reached pudu at nine and bought eleven oclock bus ticket back to ipoh, and i feel like shit spending that two hours there, all i needed was just voices. my phone line was barred and i dont have coins with me, no loose cash, but i had a piece of one dollar bill. went to the toilet, payed the thirty cents but never went in, got back seventy cents and made a few calls, asking them to call back, i needed someone to talk to. two did, one called back and answered in the i-feel-intruded manner and spat all over my face, another called and we talked all the way through until i reach ipoh. thanks, thats so kind of you.
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