you sowed the seed of vendetta in me today.

morning: sam came over and played some sublime funky licks, and showed me how to play sweet home alabama. brilliant.

noon: in the cafe playing dota, some f*ckin kids came over and keep leaning over my chair and keep telling me about playing dota like it was his mother's business, grr.

10:00 pm: you know how it feels like, i feel like an underdog, and what did i do? i just keep silent and head down and swallowed the anger, theres no point telling you how i feel cause you wont get me and you would misinterpret and you'll spit at me once again like you did just now watch your own damn mouth" . its like someone telling you, "yea so what? who the fuck you think you are?" its okay, i swear my vengeance will vindicate me some days later, ill kill you off and bury you in utter defeat, and you'll come beg me for mercy, saying, "please, spare me". to whoever fuck that is.
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