Dirty little thing.

It feels like a hit from the sledgehammer, but one swung from the inside of the heart, or a really tight squeeze, that each time i breathe it just feels so f*kin excruciating, each time it happens it span a short few seconds to a long few minutes. together with the sinus, it makes me feel so ill, and i hate blowing out my snots.

ive very much developed a habit recently, crouching naked in the bathroom, a snort of tobacco shit, and loudspeaker on the phone playing rock n' roll, all before i bathe, and today two persons called during my shower and there they asked "what're you doing?" "erm hold on a second, im having a shower.", "huh? what?!"

im perennially on the road, and each time i travel ive always loved the scene between cross state lines. its idiosyncratically green enough, see the grass is not always greener on the other side of the planet isnt it? do you know that majority of the girls in malaysia wouldnt even spend their money getting a handbag priced over one grand? and people usually thought that theyve grown enough to differentiate between mng and LV, but they just didnt know that this guy over here have gone in and out the sphere of vanity, too many times over before u even know what money is, and now i dont need accolades to remind me of who am i. you are living a high life, thats why you never know.

isnt it that the more you dwell into the academic shits the more stupid youll be. one example would be recently ive heard from a friend whos taking architecture course and he said its all cement within a pillar and no steel being used as reinforcement. hes an architecture student, if its without steel basing what would happen the second the pile driver hammer onto the pure cement stick? noob shit.

i want nothing, seriously, nothing, just a room enough to occupied myself and the guitar, and a book, thats all i need, im feeling much comfortable nowdays being at places where noone knows me.

recent book list:

Mario Puzo - The Godfather
Nikki Sixx & Ian Gittins - The Heroin Diaries.
Terry Pratchett - Thud!

she had tried to borrow me some mitch albom, but too bad im just not in tune to read those, if i read i wont feel synchronized and there wont be any alignments, but im glad at her willingness to help me get through stuffs and think better on the positive way, although through a book, but im better to stick with the heroin diaries.
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