Year end post.

31st of December, I will always have some kind of strange feelings towards this last day of the year. As in I never noticed time is passing so fast, ha ha. First of all, this blog is one year old, I'm one year older =P Old peoples they say to treasure your 18, I guess I did.

This year I've been rather less at home, I still have a clear picture of this first day of the year, the day I went NS, memory is still fresh, now you tell me it was 300++ days before, huh? Got so long, meh? =]

Perhaps the fastest time passed ever was my moments up at Genting. I remember there was this day, which me, no0bie sAm^ and hakkai went up for a day trip, and I thought , woah sure life up there would be cool, lah. I went for interview, couple of days later, I packed my stuff, headed to Genting, stayed for half a year, as a croupier, Roulette dealer. Peoples up there they like to call me by the name San Gai, name adopted from the series "Young And Dangerous". I played DotA everyday after I finished work. Went KL every month during off duties. Phew, half a year, gone.

Enough of that, perhaps life at Genting is still wonderful despite the boring life routine. Here's the happening stuff of this month at Genting.

Christmas Carols.

The renowned magical pan flute world tour.

4th Asian cup Yoyo Competition

And this is how crowded it was, Christmas eve.

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