Since I was small, dad went Langkawi, mum has to work day and night, til now I had already been used to living alone. And now I'm feeling a short sense of belonging towards home, especially for half of this year when I went Genting to work, perhaps I seldom comes back, not even my phone hits home. I seldom talk to my mum, she didn't know about my life outside home, I'm feeling strange..

I think, when we live at the same time we should share our joys and sorrows, at least with those which are closest to us, somehow love establish between peoples when they actually shares. For so long I still couldn't think of any love in this world which is not based on mutual sharing.

God's love shared us His grace and mercy.

Parent's love shared by sacrificing their everything for their child.

Friend's love based on the mutual sharing of life's ups and downs.

couple's love is when you share your every single bit in life to the one you love.

So when one does not share anymore, simultaneously love is vanishing, I'm learning to share, I appreciate peoples in my life which let happened all the miracles. Every time when I'm heading down I think of these peoples, they're God sent, as co-authors to write on the pages of life...
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