Post dedicated for you =)

A rainy night, set exactly one year back, the night I held your hand, for the first time, I would never forget, the night which I received my greatest gift of all. For some time I spent thinking why two people from two totally different background can come together so well, a girl who wouldn't mind walking with me or taking LRTs because I don't own a car, and one who tells me to eat elsewhere because that particular place is too expensive, cook me my dinners, tasted good or not, I eat from the heart =)

I'm really thankful, for in the midst of darkness you never leave,

I'm delighted beyond description, I'm no longer blind and you're the light in darkness path, sounding triumph telling me that I'm gonna win,

I'm complete because God gave me light, God gave me you =)

I Love you, happy anniversary baby =)
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