Random muses.

Throughout this whole year which I spent most of my time working, or even now, studying, I've came to a conclusion that Ipoh is the best place still to be, perhaps I've understand the true means of HOME. Really, Ipoh life has always a slower pace where I can indulge into self meditation, to shake off hectic lifestyle (few weeks back when I went out with an old buddy to a mall at Ipoh he actually asked why am I walking so fast). And i can sleep without needing to set my alarm and wake up not hearing it rings. Seriously there's different goodness in both places, however despite off the anticipating lifestyle at KL, bigger malls, Ipoh is still a better place to be.

I actually spent half of yesterday night dropping by some of old friend's blog, one by one. And realised the great universal process of growing, happening among all of us, I remember time when we were in secondary school, time when we were in church. For some time being, few years back I spent thinking what's the purpose of a blog since fellow buddies they all have at least messenger or friendster, but when you know you come to time when you're far away, messenger couldn't allowed you to talk too much, either the message pop-up-tone will be over annoying, or broken connections halfway when you're telling interesting stories, friendster could only get everyone update in pictures, sad to say most of the self portraits ain't telling much.

For some time being, I actually learnt to randomly send phone messages to some of long lost friends, because I've realised in order for friendship to last, everyone has to take the responsibility to get things stay connected. It happened once when I was in lower primary when I sold off my phone because for one whole week it did not ring.

Everyday before I walked into college I'll buy my newspaper, The Star, China Press, Sin Chew depending on the headline and I've found out the country isn't getting any better, nor the world. Students having classes as usual being shot to dead, a girl in her mid-20s got slashed in her house even the doors are locked. Increasing crime rate, corrupted government. As humans are having some kind of revolution, the term advancement is more often being used, I remember my first lesson of Econ stated the definition of economics is the science of limited resources serving unlimited wants (notice the difference between WANTS and NEEDS). And we blame the government as average price rises. During my childhood I tend to have questions such like why during my parent's time they can buy enough of daily supplies for maybe, just one dollar? And why can't prices stay the same? How ever, basic necessities of human being are only foods and shelters, IF humans could have realised that, I believe no one will ever moan of the inflation.

People like me would always like to earn more and have more income, for let just say, if I am earning 10'000 or only 1'000, the difference is that maybe you spend from 10 for a meal, to 100, the quantity, amount you eat, isn't changing, same amount of clothing, but additional burdens, more head scratchings, I seriously couldn't give a true definition for the term "luxury". I think it's some magical spell, or curse, penetrated deep into the heart, the veins, for this cause, humans would die going after that word, even I do.
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