Random thoughts.

I realized the lastime I wrote a post was few months back, er May. So in between there's June, July, August, etc. Time had been passing really fast. Im starting to think back of those days when I could actually stay at home, or going out for some DOTA games, or sitting infront of ABC for some bullshitting sessions. I never realized things around me are in this huge changing process. Good or bad, I do not know. It's like the minute hand in one clock, you'll never realize it actually moves, and it's moving really fast. It's been half a year since I left home for Genting, more than half a year since I came back from NS, a year since I left school.. I wish I'll still have the time to blog, to surf the net for latest issues or check out some real cool blogs, but in the cc I probably don't have the mood, cause I'm here for DOTA, mah. However there's much I've learnt throughout this few months life in Genting, I remember the 1st day when I stepped into the casino, woah, so damn big, man! comparable with Ipoh Jusco lah atleast, from this guy who knew nothing until a professional roulette dealer, not so proffessional, though. I've lost the passion, no more anticipation. I really respect those seniors who have been working here for years, 10 years, 15, or the eldest I met, 29, I wonder what makes them stay for so long, and I'm 5 months here and I mumbles about the boring life. And atleast now I know what's inside the casino..
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