National Service Part 3: Photo shots of Tegas Mesra camp.

Scenes Of the camp.

The hall.

The tower for abseiling and "Flying Fox".

The marching field, behind the flag poles is the place for obstacle course.

"Kolam Siti Nurhaliza" =]

"Dorm 7" My barrack. =]

The shot was taken during the last night before we left, so you know la..



My "Heng Dai" Ayie.

"Small baby" Wei Lee.



Hong a.k.a "Paku".

Ulie, DD.

Ayie, "Big Baby" Evonne.

Ayam, Jepa.

Khairi a.k.a Ular.

Hafiz during community service.

"Small Baby" Wei Lee, Man.

"Kaki Guitar Member Club"

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